Museum boom in Italy: increase in visitors and 50 million euro of profit in three years

Minister Franceschini meets with museum managers today


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Not only is there a tourism boom in Italy, but also in its many public museums. Between 2013 and 2016, Italy has benefited from an extra 50 million euro in revenue coming from museums around the country – an increase of almost 40 percent. Today in Rome, Italian Minister of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism Dario Franceschini will meet with museum managers and discuss the results of his 2015 reform: «Reorganization is beginning to bear fruit», Franceschini said adding he is witnessing, «a real turnaround». 


Without any surprise, the most successful one is the Archeological Park of the Coliseum, and the Lazio region where Rome is located got the most visitors during these years. In the Lazio region, 20,3 million people went to museums in 2016, compared to 17,7 in 2013. Surprisingly, the second position goes to the region of Campania, for its popular Pompeii museum, and therefore beats Tuscany as a museum destination. 8 million people visited Campania museums in 2016, while that number was 6 million in 2013, generating revenues of 41,7 million euro (2013 was 28,7). 


It’s a different story for the 30 independent museums born during the Franceschini reform. These museums registered an increase of almost 30 percent of profits and almost 20 of increase in visitors. Attendance was still going up in 2017 (+14,5% profit, 11% visitors), and the regions of Liguria, Puglia, and Veneto were at the head of that increase. 


The most performing institutions in Italy’s top museum destinations are the National Gallery of Modern Art in Rome (+84% visitors, +182% profit), Gallery of the Academy in Venice (+83,2%, +205,8), followed by the Capodimonte Museum (+55%, +29,8%) and the Royal Palace of Caserta (+23,3%, +27%) in Naples, Royal museums in Turin (+20,5%, +13,3%) and the National Museum of Archeology in Naples (+19,9%, +73%) 


In 2017, the biggest attractions remained constant in their flux of visitors: The Coliseum had an increase of 10 percent in visitors and a little less in profit. It is the same for the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, and the Pinacoteca di Brera in Milan, which also registered a small increase. 


The most important increase following new directives by the Ministry of Culture and Tourism is the National Royal Museum in Calabria, going from 1.522 visitors to 210.598 with an increase of 1.272%, - due to the opening of a new museum. The Estense Gallery in Modena (+257%), the National Museum of Archeology in Taranto (+203%), the Capodimonte Museum (+64,6%), the Royal Palace of Caserta(55,7%), the Archeological park of Paestum (+47,5%), the National Archeological Museum of Naples (+46,7), and the Archeological Park of (+37,1%). There were also increase in the popularity of Cultural institutions of Northern Italy: Royal Palace of Genoa, the Pinacoteca of Brera (+37,5%) and the Royal Palaces of Turin (+29,1%).  




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