The real godfather from Corleone, Totò Riina, is dead

Instigator of hundreds of murders, Totò Riina, 87 years old, died at dawn, the Sicilian Mafia Boss was in coma for days. Bishops exclude public funerals

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He had been ill for some time, but for Italian investigators, Riina, despite being detained for 24 years at 41-bis, the so called “hard prison regime”, was still the head of Cosa Nostra.  


During his life, he massacred policemen, “rebellious” businessmen who ended up shot in the head with the Lupara, Cosa Nostra’s favorite vintage weapon. He intimidated and murdered Judges. He blew them up. Whoever did not adapt, died. Records have him involved in more than 100 murders, while he was attributed the ruthless strategy of exterminating the repentants and their relatives “up to the twentieth degree of kinship”. 


Very small in stature (for years he was nicknamed “u curtu” “the short”), and with round rosy cheeks that made him look more like a clubby grandpa than a ruthless murderer, Totò Riina has ended up embodying the most recent and bloodiest history of the Sicilian Mafia, Cosa Nostra. Don Totò was born poor and peasant in Corleone, an important center of the Sicilian mafia, but also not too far from Palermo, heart and brain of Cosa Nostra. He gradually went from “right-hand man”, to protagonist, king, emperor, and finally tyrant, until he was actually identified with the criminal organization itself.  


In a short time, his myth begins to take shape. A secret marriage, celebrated on the run, his bride Antonietta Bagarella, a gym teacher, will also become a fugitive. Chronicles of the time talk about “A great love” as Antonietta cries out to the judges in court: “I am the victim of persecution. I am charged with being in love with Salvatore Riina. That is true. I love him since I was 13 years old and he was 27. Is it a crime to fall in love with a fugitive? And the Mafia Boss, “I don’t want other women, I just want Ninetta. They don’t let me marry her? Then I’ll kill people”. He married her alright. But never stopped killing people.  


Now that the last Superboss, Don Totò, the “terrible”, the “beast”, now that his power has disappeared, we are all wondering whether Cosa nostra will also succumb, or if a successor is already prepping up. Now that Riina and Provenzano, the other super boss of the Sicilian Mafia, are dead, we wonder if mafia will change in Italy.  


In 1993 Riina, fugitive since 1969, was captured and arrested in front of his villa in Palermo. Last February 2017, the boss told once again: “I do not regret what i did...they won’t bend me”. The last trial against him, still in progress, was the one on the so-called State-Mafia Pact, namely the negotiation between high-ranking Italian politician and Cosa nostra members, that began in the early nineties as a way to stop the massacres of the people fighting against the Mafia.  


In the meantime, the Vatican makes a clear statement through the words of Monsignor Ivan Maffeis who states, “The condemnation of the Italian Church regarding Mafia is unequivocal”. “In view of this position, and as he is a public sinner, public funerals are to be ruled out. If family members ask to do so, we will consider making a private prayer at the cemetery.” 





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