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Cruz (Victim of Abuse), “For the first time I felt that someone is listening. The Pope's envoy cried listening to my story about Father Karadima's abuses”

gianni valente
The Holy See sends a contribution to the initiatives of Jinde Charities, the network of charitable works connected to the Catholic Church in China. A sign that the communion between Chinese Catholics, the bishop of Rome and the universal Church is already being lived at its most concrete and gratuitous level of shared charity

The faithful of Bishop Barros’ diocese, “We are under Pope Francis’ radar. The archbishop will receive us on 21 February as he confirmed in response to our letter”

The Latin American Churches follow with concern the events of the Bishop of Osorno

andrea tornielli
The miraculous healing of Sister Bernadette Moriau attested by the Medical Bureau of the most famous Marian sanctuary in the world

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The San Massimiliano Kolbe Centre, the only healthcare reference point for about 110 thousand inhabitants, needs electricity, drinking water and training for medical personnel

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The Board of Directors will meet from 19 to 23 February to examine projects awaiting funding: 127 were approved in 2017, with a total allocation of about 2.3 million dollars

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Appointed in 2012, he was the subject of a harsh protest by priests and lay people on ethnic grounds. No canonical sanction of the Pope who received 200 letters in which “obedience” was reiterated. The prelate, “I leave for the good of the Church, repentance and reconciliation are urgent”

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gianni valente
Giuseppe Wei, authoritative voice of the “underground” Church of China, speaks, “I want to ask friends outside mainland China, including those from Hong Kong, Macao, Taiwan: “Please do not speak on our behalf. Do not insist on speaking for us. It is not you who can represent the underground Church in China”

Andrea tornielli
In his conversation with the Jesuits in Chile, Pope Francis speaks of the pedophilia scandal, urges to listen to those who have suffered violence and not to console ourselves with statistics


Christopher Lamb
Catholic writer Catherine Pepinster explores the UK’s interactions with the papacy over the last 35 years